Contemporary Cabernet Sauvignon

March 9, 2018By Georges MeekersGrapes, Malta
While vino-fashionistas have thrown it off like an old winter coat, to most wine drinkers Cabernet Sauvignon is still that classic black dress that never goes out of style. Labels draped with names of other trendy, rare grape varieties get all the hype now. Yet let’s not forget: Cabernet Sauvignon is the world’s most planted [...]

Growing Fond of Grenache Noir

December 8, 2016By Georges MeekersGrapes, Malta

If I could, I would fly this grape on a flagstaff. Of course, it’s impractical: Grenache is so juicy it would goo and glop away. Lately, I’ve grown fond of this dark-skinned grape variety that comes in a vast variety of different wine styles and which has also found local favour. Grenache Noir is its … Read More

Good ol’ Chardonnay

October 29, 2016By Georges MeekersGrapes, Malta

Chardonnay has received quite a bit of flak in recent years for not being the most exciting of white wine varieties. Truth be told, there are other thrilling grapes and wines around that are capable of tasting more pronounced, and which often have a more fascinating story to tell. However, some of all this ‘chard-bashing’ … Read More

You say varietal, I say variety

September 30, 2016By Georges MeekersGrapes, Malta

Rummaging through the pages of a keepsake wine list of a long-forgotten Maltese restaurant with a three-colour charcoal drawing on the cover of a bottle of Pommard next to a pair of vermouth glasses, I realise how wine preferences have changed. Judging by the vintages and prices, the faded list must be about 50 years … Read More

Support our heritage vines

September 28, 2016By Georges MeekersGrapes, Malta, Wine

Recently, Parliamentary Secretary Roderick Galdes was quoted saying that the unusual prolonged dry weather this year has not only caused a smaller than average grape crop but unfortunately even ruined several grape vine plants. His announcement of future government assistance in the replanting of vines and in particular the indigenous Girgentina and Ġellewża varieties seems … Read More