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The split-sized wine journal by Georges Meekers


This journal is a little virtual nook for me as a wine writer and the founder of Wine Campus to bring you the latest wine news. Compared to others, this journal may be as bare as vines on Saint Vincent’s day, but it’s a snug place, quickly referencing vinous thoughts from the vineyard to the virtual world.

Over 20 years ago, I fell in love with wine. I grew up in beer country, though, and not on Trappist, mind you, but on the heel of the best bread in Belgium, my father’s actually. I took up wine-writing as a paying hobby and an excuse to buy far too expensive bottles of wine. Now I write for a number of publications, occasionally appear on TV.

When I’m not busy at the Delicata winery, you find me here running Wine Campus. I love being involved as a tutor. Teaching is gratifying.  But most of all I love to express my individual take, or a different angle on wine.

Meanwhile my peers have bestowed a laurel (or two) upon me. I even received some flattering book awards for ‘Wines of Malta’ (which got me the nickname ‘The Voice of Maltese Wines’) and ‘Cleanskin’.

I prefer to jot, reword, mull over, change, print off and rewrite vinous thoughts that come to mind – over and over again. Unsurprisingly, this journal is not a mature, daily blog (which I always have found to be too a volatile affair) and I better don’t make any false promises here to regularly post ‘pressing matters hot off the vine’.

This split-sized, mini-blog simply serves as a handy digital resort for things related to wine which come to my mind and might be worth sharing.

Live your Wine!

Georges Meekers

'Georges' Nose Knows'
The split-sized wine journal of Malta's wine writer Georges Meekers

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