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This internet course is bespoke for interior yacht crew and can be taken anywhere anytime. You will gain the wine understanding and handling skills expected on board yachts. This self-paced course is unique and comes complete with the empowering guidance from a wine pro.

Why this wine course?

This online course provides qualifications for yacht crew who are aspiring to a chief steward(ess) position or anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of wines and wine regions. The topics focus on wine stewardship, proper onboard service and etiquette. The training also provides an understanding of winegrowing, key wine-producing areas of the world, main grape varieties, label terminology, tasting wine, and food and wine matching.

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Wine Training

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15 hospitality relevant topics

We have trained yacht crew in regular classes and now offer online training.  The 15 topics covered are: viticulture and winemaking, major grape varieties, behind the label, wine styles of the world, sparkling wine, sweet wines, fortified wines: port and sherry, tasting wine, spotting wine faults, food and wine alchemy, storing and serving wine, wine lists for yachts, port of call bottles, and wine steward service tips. This qualification is self-paced and usually takes between 1 to 3 months to complete.

Keeping yacht crew in mind

Are you a stew or stewardess and thinking of improving your CV with wine credentials? Why not learn all about wine by completing this Wine Campus Brevet qualification. This online course is perfect for yacht crew who work with wine and want to help take their career further or simply have a love for wine. You will acquaint with the main principles of wine service, how to correctly care for and handle wine service equipment so as to store and serve wine effectively and with flair.

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Now available online, the 15 topics come supported by several resources such as video clips, podcasts, wine maps, grape glossaries, extra reading material, interaction with fellow students, quizzes, short assignments and wine tasting tasks to do aboard or on land.

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Wine Campus actively supports and applies the EU Principles on E-learning compliant with the MECA-ODL quality standards. Students also highly rate the level of interaction with their tutor. This course is mentored by a veteran wine consultant to the hospitality industry and you will apprentice with him up to graduation day. Completion of the qualification leads to the coveted Wine Campus certificate.

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Study whilst sailing and get your Wine Campus Yacht Crew Wine Brevet. No existing wine knowledge is needed. This course is in English and the wines you have aboard may be used as examples for the tasting tasks. The cost of wine samples is not included in the tuition fee. No specialist equipment is required beyond access to the internet, wine glasses and a corkscrew.