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Apprentice under the guidance of a true wine professional via the internet from home. Learn about viticulture and winemaking, the essence of wine regions, the terroir concept and industry trends, and learn how to assess a wine’s flavour, personality and quality.

Why this wine course?

If a lack of understanding is holding you back from getting the most from your green bottles, these classes are it. You will learn to debunk the wine myths that are being repeated ad nauseam. You will become confident enough to share in the conversation at wine tasting events. Your tutor, an expert in the field, will share his extensive professional knowledge and trade secret shortcuts so you can taste wine like a professional at home, decipher labels and winespeak, sniff out the best bottles and deals on store shelves or wine lists. Using practical examples, your Wine Campus mentor will give you the confidence to feel like a wine expert in any situation.

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Higher Brevet of Wine

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Following sessions about the history of wine, viticulture and winemaking, you explore different grape varieties, how to assess wine professionally and spot flaws and faults. You learn about the globalisation of the drink and its many different styles including sparkling and sweet wines, port and sherry as well as alternative bottlings, and how the divine nectar matures and ages. Special topics cover the white and red wines of the old and new world, the classic wines from France, Italy and Germany, and wine and food alchemy.

Who is it for?

This is an advanced level qualification for individuals seeking to delve deeper into the world of wines for their social life and persons pursuing professional employment in the wine and hospitality industry. It is an academic course aimed at people who really want to take the subject seriously. Anyone beyond googling wine bits and aiming to gain a more advanced understanding and deeper insight will find these classes very valuable. The qualification is self-paced but usually takes between 3 to 9 months to complete.

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Now available online, the 25 lessons come supported by several resources such as video clips, podcasts, wine maps, grape glossaries, extra reading material, interaction with fellow students, quizzes, short assignments and home wine tasting tasks.

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Wine Campus actively supports and applies the EU Principles on E-learning compliant with the MECA-ODL quality standards. Students also highly rate the level of interaction with their tutor. This course is mentored by a veteran wine specialist and you will apprentice with him up to graduation day. Completion of the qualification leads to the coveted Wine Campus certificate.

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No existing wine knowledge is needed. Students are encouraged to taste different wines throughout this course which is in English. No specialist equipment is required beyond access to the internet, wine glasses and a corkscrew. The cost of the wine samples is not included in the tuition fee.