Bordeaux adopts grapes from other countries

April 21, 2020By Georges MeekersGrapes, News
Wine revolution in Bordeaux The current wine revolution in Bordeaux is not a history lesson. But it reminds anyone in Malta concerned about the future of our grapes and wines, that history, as long as it continues to happen, gives us always another chance to do what’s right. Before we come to the state of [...]

The Shiraz Cabernet blend of home

September 20, 2018By Georges MeekersGrapes, Malta
what are the characteristics of shiraz Cabernet blend of wine? Wonderful things happen when great varieties collide. Shiraz (or Syrah to francophile wine lovers) and Cabernet Sauvignon are two grapes that go hand in glove and fit perfectly together as a red wine blend. Just take the wine in my glass. Its palate is strapping [...]

Malta’s little-known Sangiovese

August 2, 2018By Georges MeekersGrapes, Malta
Malta is thirsting for more wine made from locally-grown varieties. Of the many dark-skinned possibilities, Sangiovese is one of the least explored grapes and yet it has a lot to offer. Sangiovese was shyly introduced to the archipelago’s vineyards at the turn of the century together with other international varieties. But, as far as red [...]

World-class Syrah wine from Malta

August 2, 2018By Georges MeekersGrapes, Malta
I know I’ve mentioned wine awards before. Forgive me for bringing this up once more. Though, word has it that, yet again, a Maltese wine has been granted another two noteworthy medals. Awards may not matter that much anymore. But, you see, it was not all that long ago that loving local wasn’t that cool. [...]

A toast to darling-grape Chardonnay

May 18, 2018By Georges MeekersGrapes, Malta
If there’s one grape variety that deserves to be celebrated, it’s got to be Chardonnay. Not only is it the ingredient of white burgundy and an important part of the blend of most champagnes, Chardonnay is responsible for a disproportionate amount of the world’s finest whites and simply the number-one selling white wine varietal in [...]