Bordeaux adopts grapes from other countries

April 21, 2020By Georges MeekersGrapes, News
Wine revolution in Bordeaux The current wine revolution in Bordeaux is not a history lesson. But it reminds anyone in Malta concerned about the future of our grapes and wines, that history, as long as it continues to happen, gives us always another chance to do what’s right. Before we come to the state of [...]

The Best of Two Worlds

November 3, 2017By Georges MeekersNews
Is Malta a New World or an Old World winemaking country? The most basic difference between Old World and New World wines is geographic. ‘Old World’ encompasses the traditional winegrowing regions of Europe, while ‘New World’ generally refers to the other winemaking countries. A bird’s eye view of Malta clearly shows that the islands are [...]

Our Wine’s Niceties and Its Scarcities

May 10, 2017By Georges MeekersMalta, News

Once a winemaker found himself in the awkward position of being reproved while dining out by the chef- patron because his winery had run out of stock of one of the bestselling wines on the restaurant’s carefully curated list. To this, the winemaker graciously replied with the question why the catch of the day didn’t … Read More

Maltese Heroism in a Bottle

February 24, 2017By Georges MeekersMalta, News

The adjective ‘heroic’ has, of course, been used before in the world of wine, namely to describe the efforts of vignerons and winemakers that work in steep, precipitous places inhospitable to man. Malta may not qualify as a mountainous island. But what else would you call local winegrowing if not audacious, brave and courageous? In … Read More

Gorgeous Garrigue in My Glass

February 10, 2017By Georges MeekersMalta, News

Alas, land is far from sacred in Malta and even linguistically it’s sometimes referred to harshly and contemptuously. Through the use of the word xagħri, which derives from the Arabic sahra for desert, we demote our garrigue, those few untouched patches of literally hundreds of different low-growing shrubs and rare indigenous plants, to useless land … Read More