Malta and the pink wine revolution

February 9, 2018By Georges MeekersJudging
The Maltese archipelago boasts two commercially viable native grape varieties. Thankfully one of them is dark-skinned so that, besides wonderfully fresh white wines, wineries can also craft interesting reds and inimitable rosés, a category that’s gaining in popularity. The grape I’m referring to is, of course, Ġellewża, Malta’s very own red cultivar, which apropos got [...]

Nothing But The Whole Wine

January 21, 2017By Georges MeekersJudging

So many people have been made to believe by the virtues of noses and egos of famous wine critics and other characters in the wine trade that the only way to appreciate wine is through a reductionist search for certain distinct characteristics. If you’re a wine enthusiast who’s attended the odd wine tasting session, you … Read More

The ‘Magic Flute’ for Fizz

December 9, 2016By Georges MeekersGastronomy, Judging

What glass shape is best to enjoy celebratory bubbly this festive season or on any other day of the year for that matter? While the wide and shallow coupe has been written off ages ago because it allows effervescence and aromas to dissipate quickly in favour of the slender and tall flute, a few experts … Read More

The Riedel Riddle

October 26, 2014By Georges MeekersGastronomy, Judging

I’m not sure why I actually went along at last week’s Riedel glass seminar with the speaker’s suggestion to taste Coca-Cola out of the manufacturer’s new designer glass. Isn’t coke a democratic drink you enjoy most drinking directly with your lips pursed around that iconic bottle after you lift that crown – just as the … Read More

Let Jan B.

November 30, 2013By Georges MeekersJudging

In my travels when I have found no answers, I discovered wonders and sometimes curiosities have come to me – like this gift bottle of Belgian wine. Yes, I had high hopes for this Cuvee Jan B. that originates from my hometown Borgloon in Haspengouw, Belgium, wishing it would be ever as delightful as that … Read More