Let Jan B.

November 30, 2013By Georges MeekersJudging

In my travels when I have found no answers, I discovered wonders and sometimes curiosities have come to me – like this gift bottle of Belgian wine. Yes, I had high hopes for this Cuvee Jan B. that originates from my hometown Borgloon in Haspengouw, Belgium, wishing it would be ever as delightful as that … Read More

Georgian Enchant Me Not

April 5, 2013By Georges MeekersWine

It was years ago, travelling off the beaten path in Moldava, a country where wine has been an inherent part of people’s lives for thousands of years, when I got my first taste of Rkatsiteli. I remember it as if it was yesterday but not because the dry white ferment was exceptionally good. In fact, … Read More

Less is Meerdael

January 26, 2013By Georges MeekersWine

Really, I would have liked to jot down a different tasting note for this Belgian sparkling wine which has been hailed in the press and by many a Belgian wine and food critic. I was hoping Meerdael would pleasantly surprise me like that other, great Chardonnay from Belgium did. Ideally my entry would have read … Read More

Clos d'Opleeuw

January 24, 2013By Georges MeekersWine

“For thus whatever false opinion of pre-eminence is attached to the age becomes at once a title of reverence to him: and when with distinguished powers he sets himself apart from the age, and above it, as the teacher of high but ill-understood truths, he (…) will derive from illusion itself the power to disperse … Read More

Beurre d'Anjou

January 7, 2013By Georges MeekersWine

“Short, squat, and plump” like the pear called Beurre d’Anjou is an appropriate summary of today’s accompaniment to my cheese board. It’s a nice wine if this particular sweet style suits you. It shows how the basic sweet wines of Anjou, France, have improved over the last ten years or so. But this wine is … Read More