Next time you don’t need to resort to mumbling when you point to the wine list, bottle or glass. Wine Campus has added a most comprehensive glossary of wine terms to their online wine courses in the virtual classroom complete with a pronounciation guide.


One of the most common remarks we get from our students is that they wish to get past the fear of saying  those foreign winespeak tongue-twisters wrong when ordering or discussing wine.

Considering there are so many foreign wine terms out there, we have now added sound bites to them in our glossary, which is probably the most comprehensive list of tems you’ll ever find on the Internet.

Students no longer have to rely on the point-and-mumble method when faced with a tricky wine name. How do you say ‘Ahr‘ or ‘Corton-Charlemangne‘ ? Just click, listen and repeat.

Ahr (ahr)  
A tiny wine region in Germany. Unusually for Germany, most of the wine made is red. The main grape is Pinot Noir which is known locally as Spatburgunder.

Corton-Charlemagne (cor-tawn shahr-luh-mahn’yuh)
The Grand Cru white wine from the same or adjoining vineyards as the Grand Cru red wine Corton. Among the longest lived of any dry whites.

The Wine Campus team  is here to help you master wine with confidence. Maybe if you practise enough, you could even master a super sexy accent.