Orange wine, a throwback.

March 5, 2016By Georges MeekersGastronomy, Wine

Whereas not too long ago, any serious wine lover would give a wide berth to russet-coloured, amber wines (especially those suspects drawn straight out of demijohns and carboys), tinged wines made from white wine grapes strangely enough have recently found a cult following.

Clearly noble Chardonnay

February 28, 2016By Georges MeekersGastronomy, Wine

Once upon a time, people drunk just ‘wine’. But it wasn’t long before they took in masses to Chardonnay and generic Chablis (unless they wanted Bordeaux or lighter red Burgundy). Soon enough white wine simply became known by the C-word. Chardonnay’s following spread fast like a wildfire, from aristocratic, double-barrelled Corton-Charlemagne to hip California on … Read More

Around your palate – wine’s vital spark

February 12, 2016By Georges MeekersGastronomy, Wine

In the appreciation of wine, it’s often difficult to convey the pleasure it gives us because we find it hard to analyse all the different sensations that make up the composite experience we call flavour. Perhaps it is worthwhile to explore how we identify taste to understand better what we like (and possibly dislike) in … Read More

The Riedel Riddle

October 26, 2014By Georges MeekersGastronomy, Judging

I’m not sure why I actually went along at last week’s Riedel glass seminar with the speaker’s suggestion to taste Coca-Cola out of the manufacturer’s new designer glass. Isn’t coke a democratic drink you enjoy most drinking directly with your lips pursed around that iconic bottle after you lift that crown – just as the … Read More