Sunblock for wine grapes

January 29, 2016By Georges MeekersMalta, Wine

While in Malta and the rest of the northern hemisphere vines are winter dormant, some antipodean vignerons are busy slapping on sunblock on their ripening grape crop as the summer heat flares up.

Wine lore and festive cheer

December 18, 2015By Georges MeekersMalta, Wine

Different places have different customs but somehow there’s always a time for the enjoyment of a glass of wine during this festive season. Wine itself is also the subject of Christmas lore and myths.

Definitely Syrah

November 21, 2015By Georges MeekersMalta, Wine

Predictions are a dangerous business. You start off trying to be like Nostradamus and end up more like Nosferatu, giving the kiss of death. But sometimes a wine’s potential is plain to see, especially when heaps of soul and character jump right at you. Take a glass of Delicata’s 2014 Gran Cavalier Syrah of Malta … Read More

Malta's Merlot Crus In The Making

November 14, 2015By Georges MeekersMalta, Wine

I’m neither a fool nor a dead man, and yet I’m unlikely to change my mind: presently Malta doesn’t have one lone grape variety but fortunately possesses a posse of many grape varieties that could be signed off as Malta’s vinous mark on the world map of wine. Malta’s wine industry can gain attention with … Read More

Malta's Signature Wines

November 8, 2015By Georges MeekersMalta, Wine

Many wine countries and regions are known for a particular grape variety or wine which conveniently serves as its vinous signature, luring customers to the wider national wine category on overcrowded retail shelves. Classic examples are champagne from France, Riesling from Germany, Pinot Grigio from Italy, Rioja from Spain. More recently, other portmanteau varieties have … Read More