April 19, 2014By Georges MeekersMalta, Wine

There is something awesome about well-made red Ġellewża, that rare grape variety native to Malta, the tiniest wine producing country in the world located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. For long many a doubting Thomas thought it couldn’t be done. Many Maltese of the older generation still do of course. But, because they remember … Read More

Crude Savings

February 28, 2013By Georges MeekersMalta

It is still somewhat fashionable in certain small circles, amongst Malta’s would-be sommeliers perhaps, to deride the wines of Malta in favour of foreign wines. Yet, there are red Maltese wines around at as little as €5 per bottle that can offer some decent wine value while Crus Bourgeois of similar calibre sell  for trice … Read More

Si, si pour Carignan

January 5, 2013By Georges MeekersWine

The reek of concentrated Carignan is so peculiar. It just intrusively prickles my nose each time and I love it. I am not shy for my affection for the grape when grown on gnarled old vines. I particularly like it in blends. Carignan has been much-maligned in the past because is was and often still … Read More